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About Anik St-Martin, DC, DACCP

I have been in private chiropractic practice (in a small community) with my husband for 18 years in the Pacific Northwest, where I am an active speaker.

In practice, I specialize in pediatric and pregnancy specific care and in the care of whole families.

I found my love of speaking early on when I realized that I am inspired by inspiring others. I belong to private mastermind groups with some of the world’s best speakers, all of whom continually teach me and inspire me. I’ve spent countless time, energy and money to equip myself so that I can help others see and move in the direction of their true north.

I understand people. I am connected to what we collectively seek…as parents, lovers, workers, entrepreneurs and potential seekers. I believe that the spark of momentum is inspiration. I also believe that we all have a personal responsibility to become inspired. My expertise is to ignite this spark.

My other passions include cooking, surfing, running, skiing, and mostly loving my husband and 2 boys.

I am a dreamer who is energetic and naturally happy. I get excited about anything to do with cooking, learning, outdoor adventure and the daily surf report.


I have been speaking professionally for the past 18 years, inspiring over 20,000 people to take action as a result of the messages in my talks/

My speaking career has developed through a persistent drive to constantly improve my talks helped by some of the best coaches and mentors around.

I’m authentically best at delivering my message in story/conversation format giving me the opportunity to deeply connect with my audiences. Typical audiences include:

  • Corporations
  • Community members
  • Parents
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Goal seekers
  • Dreamers
  • Ideal age - 30-75


  • Lower Columbia Community College - Community Lectures
  • Red Canoe Credit Union - Conference break out sessions and Key note speaker - annual conference
  • Chiropractors
  • Chase bank
  • Longshoreman Credit Union
  • Fred Meyer 
  • Parent groups of children with ADHD
  • Birth and pregnancy Wellness Events
  • Special groups (women’s groups, fibromyalgia groups, parent groups)

Client Testimonials

"We have invited Dr. Anik St. Martin to engage with our staff on several occasions. Our employees continually request her to come back and we are always delighted with her sessions which focus on our organization’s specific needs. Her realistic insight on life, coupled with her knowledge and experience, provide for extremely engaging sessions that leave our staff feeling both encouraged and empowered to embrace their own potential. At the end of a session, you’ll find yourself feeling like you just had an inspiring visit with a friend, and you can’t wait for next time."

Ten years ago, I was invited to one of Dr. Anik’s presentations with a friend. That presentation changed my life! I literally left with my eyes wide open to an entire new philosophy of how we wanted to raise our family.

Anik has an incredible gift of sharing statistics, facts, research & wisdom in an easy to understand & gentle way. 

I recently had her speak at an event and again, she blew us away with her speech, inspiring all 100+ of us to live life on purpose rather than by default! If you ever have a chance to attend one of her events near you, clear your calendar and GO! She truly will impact your life in a positive way!





"It is such a huge gift to the quality of our community to have Dr. Anik, who is willing to share her expertise in some many areas of her personal study. She gives every person who attends her lectures a valuable piece of knowledge to help themselves and their friends and family. She offers documentation to support her information and is always current with topics of the day. Participants are welcome to ask questions for clarification or on personal inquiries. My take away from her Jan 16, 2019, lecture, Thinking and Speaking Well, is "Clarity is the great accelerator". As we become more aware of what is possible, we become more able to create a better life."


Community Member


Community Member

"Dr. Anik is a natural speaker. Her research, knowledge and enthusiasm enable her to do her presentations without notes. In addition, her excellent PowerPoint visuals help the audience to absorb and retain the given information. Living what she preaches gives her presentations a solid foundation."


Community Members


Community Members

Themes I Offer Talks On

  • How to start 
  • Biohacking time
  • Adaptation and the nervous system
  • Nervous system tips for living longer
  • Thinking and speaking - Change your language, change your life
  • Eating to heal and thrive without feeling stressed out
  • Stress
  • ADHD and sensory processing disorders
  • Hyper focusing

Issues My Clients Want My Talks to Address

Every speaking engagement has a common need for that particular audience. Here is a list of common needs.

I provide an inspirational sense of certainty in one’s own potential. I’m great at helping people to mobilize.

I’m a pattern disruptor in that I very much understand that everyone has a sense of greatness that they hide.

I ignite the spark to greatness in people.

I help people best when they are

  • People who are looking to feel inspired to do something new
  • Employers who are looking to add value in the form of inspiration for their team
  • People who are “stuck” - individually / or as a group and need help moving forward
  • Individuals or groups who have problems with follow through on vision
  • People who need certainty and clarity
  • People looking for courage

Contact Me About Speaking

Please use the form to make enquiries about a talk you need to hold and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can also use the following contact details:

Anik St-Martin, DC, DACCP
True North
1312 Vandercook Way
Longview, WA 98632

Phone: 1 360-270-1379

Email: [email protected]



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