If you are concerned that your baby may be suffering Torticollis, I am here to help you fully resolve it.

Dr Anik St-Martin

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Every Parent Worries. You Are Not Alone.

Every day, parents express worry and frustration over their children’s torticollis.  Torticollis is more common than ever but just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s normal.  Parents are often left to fend for their babies, doing their own research and sifting through information that doesn’t feel clear or promising.

Despite what they’re told, parents inherently know that torticollis and its related findings can interfere with healthy development and with the meeting of milestones.  Torticollis can also have an affect on healthy development by interfering with neurology and healthy brain function.

Making sense of torticollis and what feels right or wrong can be overwhelming, sleep depriving and very stressful.  

I’ve spent 18 years with daily clinical experience and hundreds of hours of research to bring you the most effective and thorough approach.   I have done the work to bring you the scientifically supportive, non invasive techniques to help you help your baby without additional stress. 

It doesn't need to be so worrying

When torticollis is properly handled, babies and their parents can focus on developmental milestones.  With healthy function, your baby will be more comfortable, nursing will be easier, and sleeping difficulties and fussiness will go away.  Addressing your baby’s torticollis thoroughly and non invasively, you will be gifted a happy and healthy baby and your peace of mind will be restored.


Every day parents trust me with their most precious gift...

I am a Doctor of chiropractic with a Diplomate (specialty) in pediatrics.  I have worked with the spines and nervous systems of 20,000 babies and children.  I have also worked very closely with midwives, lactation consultants, pediatricians, and those who specialize in lip and tongue-ties as well as sensory integration.

I have done the work to bring you the most scientifically supportive, non-invasive techniques to help you help your baby’s torticollis.  

Here's how this course for parents will help both you and your baby -

  • Easy identification of related problems (often overlooked but extremely important)
  • Resources and recommendations on addressing related problems
  • Video exercise demonstrations to start immediately
  • How to resolve breastfeeding, eating and speech challenges
  • How to regain balance in posture and head shape (plagiocephaly)
*all prices in USD

  • Video & Written Online Lessons

  • Video exercises

  • 365 days access

  • Works on any device

  • No notebook required

  • Clear, easy to follow guidance

Here are some questions I often get asked

Click a question to see the answers.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?
  • Set aside 45 minutes to complete all the lessons.

  • How soon can I begin helping baby?
  • Immediately.

  • How soon will baby's torticollis take to resolve?
  • Parents usually begin seeing progress within a week. Identifying related findings (which will are also demonstrated specifically in the lessons) will also accelerate the return to normal function.

  • What happens after I've bought the course?
  • You will be sent two emails. One to confirm your purchase and the other one containing your login details and a link to the page where you log into your course.

  • What are your refund terms and conditions?
  • If you change your mind and decide that you don't want the course after all then please email within 7 days and I'll refund you the fee you paid.

  • Do I have to complete the course by a certain deadline?
  • No you don't. Take it in your own time.

  • Are there any contraindications to my implementing the course recommendations with my baby?
  • All course recommendations and demonstrations are completely safe, easy and gentle.   Any red flags potentially relating to your baby’s torticollis will be identified and suitable resources and referrals will be made clear.


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