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Uncategorized Aug 04, 2020

M name is Dr. Anik and I’m a control freak.  I’m particular about how I eat, my fitness requirements, my sleep habits, the supplements I take and the exact way my business operates.  I’d love to pretend that I’m into living by the seat of my pants and that I thrive on the idea of going where the wind takes me,  but who am I kidding…

When I surf, ski, bike and hike.  I’m cautious.  Even though I’m aware that there’s no such thing as control over the ocean, the mountains or even the other cars on the road,  it makes me feel better when I convince myself that I’m in control.

I’m not alone.  It seems that especially now, we’re even trying to take control over the course of nature.  Apparently we’ve forgotten that nature is and has always been the alpha do—all we can do to survive is decide to adapt.

A few weeks ago, I was at a trailhead in Big Sky, Montana, getting ready for a hike.  I was on autopilot, making lunch and unpacking the car.  Out of nowhere and with no notice, I broke my hand.  I did it teasing my son, Simon.  I’ve teased him like this for 17 years without as much as a scratch.  I didn’t break it on a big wave, or skiing something crazy or biking faster than I   normally do.  I broke it in a parking lot.  There was no warning and I couldn’t reproduce the randomness of it if I tried. 

I had surgery 5 days later.   

and now I’m 3 weeks post surgery and I’m am amazed at my body's ability to heal.

Collectively, we share a quiet intelligence and a potential for healing which is beyond our understanding and definitely beyond our control.  It happens wether we think about it or “believe” in it or not.

I’m doing my best to throw my body a bone (pun intended) to help with healing.  I’m taking Curcumin, vitamin C, Boswellia, minerals, collagen, magnesium and cells salts.  I feel like I’m getting a polite bodily nod and an “A+ for effort”.  More than anything though,  “stand aside cause I’ve got this” is my body’s jam right now.  I’m astounded and humbled and once again reminded of how amazingly intelligent our design is, as long as we just get the hell out of the way and let it happen.

We can’t control our environment…When we become non participants and physically remove ourselves from all risk (like fear stricken rabbits), we convince ourselves that we’re safer but the isolation, separation and stifling of our kids is concerningly indicative of the distrust in our inherent ability to survive.  Albert Einstein once said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”.  

The current narrative is that we are victims of a predatory environment (the invisible enemy).  Why is there no mention of the immune system?  Why is there no mention of our immense potential as a people?  Why is there no mention of the fact that we, humankind,  share a propensity to heal and evolve?

How is the potential of a broken hand any different than that of the immune system?  If my immune system suffers an injury, does it lean toward healing?  Does yours?  What about our collective immune systems?

Health is an inside job.  It always has been.  The only roadblock to our body’s ability to handle anything that comes its way is INTERFERENCE and there are three ways this can happen:

Physical stress - like breaking a bone, postural distortions, repetitive stresses of things like computer work, sports, driving, sitting and the hours we spend on our phones.

Emotional stress -  relationship stress, isolation, fear, shame and worry.   This type of stress is known to lead to heart attacks, stomach ulcers, cancer, autoimmune problems and early aging.

Chemical stress - the foods we eat, the drugs we take, the stuff we put on our skin the quality of the air we breath and the water we drink.  

Why are we only talking about masks and distancing in relation to immune system safety?  What about the elimination of stress and ensuring that we’re creating a space for the healthiest tribe on the planet?  

Everyday, in our office we see the meter of human potential rising.  It makes me wonder, what if we all made space for this potential instead of denying or doubting that it even exists? 

If we can see and clearly accept that a hand can have tremendous healing in 2.5 weeks, can we entertain that health potential is something worth conversing about?  At Advantage chiropractic, we understand and respect your inherent ability to heal and thrive.  We all deserve a platform for better health beyond the simple absence of disease.  

At Advantage Chiropractic and Massage, igniting the spark is what we do best.   We are creating the healthiest tribe in our community.  If this speaks to you, please connect with us.

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